• Social Common: From Cocktail Parties to an Online Community of Moms
Social Common: From Cocktail Parties to an Online Community of Moms

Today on the blog we have invited the powerhouse ladies behind Cat and Nat, Natalie Telfer and Catherine Belknap.  Not only I just love their honesty and fun approach to motherhood and life in general but they are also an inspiration for moms (and grandmas like me) on friendship, collaboration and support to one another.  Thank you ladies for being so real. 

Social Common family of 7 kids between both of them

The two of us met back in high school, but it was marriage and motherhood that really bonded us together. We were both the first of our friends to have babies, and as wonderful as motherhood is, it can also be very lonely and isolating. We got together one day to share stories, advice and our own experiences, and the rest is history! We became inseparable. Since then, we’ve had way more babies, moved houses, renovated houses, and started a business! It’s been quite the wild ride, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We know how lucky we are to be experiencing this journey together. Motherhood is full of questions and uncertainties, chaos and confusion, and there are times when you can feel completely lost. But when you have someone you can relate to, who acts as a sounding board and offers advice and support, it makes everything a little easier. We have that in each other, and we wanted to make other moms feel less alone in their journey, as well.


 Social Common Behind the Scenes


So, we started our business, Social Common. What began as an event club for moms, in which women would get together with a glass of wine (and without kids) after baby bedtime, has turned into an international community. Although we loved hosting dinners and cocktail parties, we were only able to connect with moms in our area. So, we took to video in order to reach moms all around the world!

Our goal is to make all of the ups and downs of motherhood seem normal. There is no right way be a mom - you just do what feels best for you and your family. Our biggest tip is to have fun doing it! We like to keep things light and have a good time, as you can see in our video series’ Cat & Nat Daily and Mom Truths.

Social Common Mom's Truths

In addition to sharing our “normal” with other mamas, in hopes of making the journey easier for those experiencing the same highs and lows of motherhood, we wanted to take it a step further and provide moms with all of the answers they are looking for in ONE place. As moms, we’re always scouring the Internet for advice and tips, but there is so much out there! We don’t have the time or energy to read through pages and pages of information. It was clear that something was missing from the online market, which is why we decided to create a platform for moms, built by moms. Social Common Creative, our latest venture, is a one of a kind digital platform that delivers authentic content to the millennial mom. Whether you’re looking for relationship advice, fashion tips, parenting how-to’s, cooking hacks, or just a good laugh, Social Common Creative has it all! We’ve asked women and moms we know and trust, who are experts in their fields, to contribute short videos that offer relatable content and tangible tips. Each day, we release a new video on our website and share it across our social platforms.

It’s so important for us, as women and as moms, to continue connecting with strong, inspiring, successful women and building a community. Together, we can accomplish so much more than we can individually.

Social Common From Cocktail Parties to an Online Community of Moms



Catherine Belknap and Natalie Telfer parent seven children, manage two husbands and run Social Common. They are brand spokespeople, tv personalities, and hosts of their live YouTube Show, The Cat & Nat Show.  Through their candid videos, this dynamic duo brings you the raw, real side of motherhood. Authors of Mom Truth Book 



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