• The Joys of Motherhood
The Joys of Motherhood

I can’t think of a better way to start our blog than by talking about the joys of motherhood.

Now that I have three grown kids and one granddaughter under my belt, I can sit for five minutes and reflect  about what is the true meaning of “the joys of motherhood”.

The diaper changes, sleepless nights, bouts of flu and change of bed sheets in the middle of the night are over. There are no more tantrums on the streets or the mall, I don’t have to run around to karate, dancing and math tutoring classes with snacks so we can be there on time.  I don’t hear any doors slammed. I am not sleep deprived any more, although I still wake up various times during the night. 

I don’t have sticky little hands on my face, purse or new clothes. I don’t see their eyes glowing with excitement when they see something for the first time. I don’t feel the warmth of their tiny bodies against my chest and their hearts beating at the same time as mine. The hours of play with Barbies and legos are over. I can’t pretend to be a big monster that eat their tummies with my hand while they are laughing like crazy. They don’t fit in a pretend tent to have a cup of tea with all their dolls anymore.

Yes, the Joys of Motherhood….I miss those moments so much… and as I am writing this my eyes are tearing up a bit…

Now that my kids are grown up, my joys are their joys.

When I see their dreams come true, their success, their happiness, I feel joy. That is all I need…

What are your “Joys of Motherhood” mamas? Share your thoughts with us!

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  • Jun 05, 2015

    As am reading this beautifully written Blog post and reminisce of all the times you sent playing with us and teaching us and helped us, it gives me so much joy and happiness to hopefully share moments like this with my future kids.
    I only hope to become half as incredible of a person and mother as you were to us.
    Love you mom!
    xo Kari

    — Karina

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