• Autumn Pickings - Three tips for the best baby gifts
Autumn Pickings - Three tips for the best baby gifts

So, you’ve been tasked with ordering a deluxe corporate baby basket for a colleague who is due in the Autumn. 

Which type of basket do you go for? Do you look at the summer sale items? Do you personalize a basket?

Should you center it around warmer products for cooler nights, or lighter basics for those fleeting sunny days?

The answer, much like your own wardrobe, is to mix it up! Trust our three tips to help you order the right luxurious baby gift.

 Petit Bateau neutral luxury baby gift basket


Sometimes the greatest of pop clichés can show you the way. In the words of the ever catchy Katy Perry: 

“Cause you’re hot then you’re cold

You’re yes then you’re no

You’re in then you’re out

You’re up then you’re down”

This sentiment pretty much captures most babies in the fall. Think of sumptuous fabrics enveloping that baby with love, and you won’t go wrong.  Try to avoid ordering only bloomers and short-sleeved onesies, likewise, solely long-sleeved heavier fabric outfits. Babies are super-sensitive to hot and cool temperatures. Set-up the expectant mom with good layering options and she’ll be thankful on nights when the heat kicks in and on warm mid-day stroller walks.

 Ouef NYC Pima Cotton layette



Fact: Newborns cannot see color. In their first months they absorb incredible amounts of visual information. By month three they can see the full colour spectrum and are learning to discern hues.  When placing your order, we suggest checking out our New Arrivals page where we feature timely and unique apparel. Bright beachy yellows give way to golden mustard tones and muted corals.  Azure softens into – pardon the expression- winter blues.  Vibrant reds are replaced with august cherry and deep maroon. If you know the expectant mother’s taste, use that as your cue.  Does she favour patterns or solids? Bold or muted colours? Of course, neutrals from grey to mocha never go out of style and are often featured in our gender-neutral selection. If you are not sure of the recipient’s preference, this is your best option.

 Fall Luxury Baby Girl Gift at Bonjour Baby Baskets

Fall luxury baby gifts at Bonjour Baby Baskets


We do our best to not only source the sweetest looking little designer pieces but also the sweetest feeling. Some only want 100% high-end cotton to touch their baby’s skin so be sure to check the material specifications listed. Others, insist on exclusively organic goods. From CamCam Copenhagen to Auggie Baby and many more, we’ve got babe covered in pure goodness.  Our hunt for the best kiddo accouterments does not stop there. From Fidoodle’s natural and recyclable stuffed lovies and wooden blocks to Caaocho’s natural rubber toys, we’ve got plenty for the eco-friendly mom.


Auggie soft organic layette set at Bonjour Baby Baskets 

 Natural rubber toys by Caaocho at Bonjour Baby Baskets

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