• How to take the best baby and family photos this Fall
How to take the best baby and family photos this Fall

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers” L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

BAM just like that the sweltering heat of September turned.  Bye-bye summer 2017, we hardly knew you, hello beautiful autumn. Everywhere the eye rests seems like a photo opportunity, a backdrop of cinnamon and syrup. We at Bonjour Baby Baskets spoke with photographer Nicole Lewis of Nicole Lewis Images for these three tips on how to best shoot your darlings this fall. 

1) Outfitting:

“Some will dress a three month old baby in an outfit with a collard shirt, hair bows, ties...it just becomes too much. Sometimes less is more”, warns Nicole.  Consider that the beauty of the season is in the foliage. In an overdone outfit, your little one's sweet face gets lost in a clutter of texture and colour. Instead, Nicole suggests keeping it simple: neutrals (creams, khaki’s, grays), plaids, and softer floral patterns. Do not match the outfit to the foliage for you will loose the body in the background. Likewise, “don’t get too matchy-matchy with all the family members, it’s too eighties, and can feel overdone” she says. Concentrate more on a family colour scheme. Final tips: avoid bling and shine, logos, and neon. And ditch the sunglasses and phone in the car, nothing is surer to ruin a shot.

Here are some of our current exclusive layering picks for the little one.

Rylee and Cru Adventure sweatshirt

Fall baby girl outfit by Bonjour Baby Baskets


Rylee and Cru dress and bloomer set at Bonjour Baby Baskets

2) The Golden Hour:

As the days grow shorter, the magic hour - thankfully for parents - presents earlier. In October Nicole suggests starting at 5:30pm to capture the most desirable natural light. Most parents, are in no shape for the early rise-shoot “it’s supposed to be fun”, she laughs.  For those that are worried about an early bedtime, Nicole has the following advise, “Bring small and neat snacks, that can easily be hidden in their hands, like Cheerios. I’ve never had a session that had to stop because of crankiness”. Don’t forget a blanket for various uses as a favored prop and for warmth as the sun drops. We adore these luxurious textiles for the design, feel, and brand ethos.

David Fussenegger Kids Blankets,  Little Unicorn Quilted Blankets, Pehr Designs Quilted blankets 

Nicole Lewis Images

Golden Hour Photoshoot with Nicole Lewis

3) Don’t Just Stand There:

The types of shots you get have a lot to do with the age of your child. The younger the baby the more positioning you will have to do, “Be prepared, you are not going to get a ton of variety with a newborn” says Nicole.  Her preferred age for a baby shoot is “the sitter stage”, which usually falls between 7-11 months. You will capture more movement and character. The older the kids, the more fun!  Play don’t pose, which can feel outdated, she warns. “Go for the candid shots” says Nicole, “let them be kids and be ready to capture the connections and moments in between”.

Here are a few images from our fun family photo session with Nicole.

Golden Hour Photography by Nicole Lewis


Golden Hour Bonjour Baby Baskets Photoshoot with Nicole Lewis ImagesFamily Photoshoot with Bonjour Baby Baskets by Nicole Lewis Images


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  • Oct 07, 2017

    Love these tips!!! Nicole is so incredible. What beautiful pairings and images done by you guys! xo Bird of Balance

    — Amber Winnik

  • Oct 06, 2017

    BEAUTIFUL photos and helpful tips! Thanks for sharing. I’m inspired to try a little photo shoot at our cottage this weekend.

    — Allison

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