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Fairy Godsitter

In the cooler months, telling a new mom to go out for some time out sans-bébe´ is like asking her to perform another somersault without providing a comfort mat underneath. Tempting as it is to lecture on the importance of self-care and planned time alone with partner, it does not take into consideration that the best of intentions present the new challenge of having to find a babysitter.

Newborn Baby - Fairy Godsitter Blog Post by Bonjour Baby Baskets

For first time mothers, figuring out how to go about finding a trustworthy individual is just the first step. The next being the emotional hurdle of readying oneself for time away.

Bonjour Baby Baskets blog post - Fairy Godsitter

Our quick tips: hit-up your mommy group for reco’s, check-out some online local groups, ready yourself with three  pointed questions from references, to scenario/protocol queries. And - as always - trust your gut.

Motherhood - Fairy Godsitter blog post by Bonjour Baby Baskets

Now, for those of you who want to gift an extra special corporate baby gift basket we suggest the following: be the fairy babysitter. Make your basket themed -  choose one of our high-end options with sleeper set and a luxurious plush blanket - and here’s the clincher - include a card with a paid for session with your own babysitter. Don’t have one? Gather up the office crew and those with kids or those who are close with the new mom can offer up a session or three, thus gifting her a fun and personal, packet of babysitting coupons.

Gestures like this are how we turn the tide in favour of working moms. By letting them know from the onset that birth, motherhood, and families are to be celebrated and included from the onset.

Go on, be the fairy godsitter!

  • Susana Goldin-Douaire

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