• It's a New Year Baby!
It's a New Year Baby!

Possibly like us, your New Year’s celebration plans have changed somewhat in the past two weeks. Current health measures, vaccination status, travel restrictions and such are in flux as we all adjust with the times. Worry not! This new year’s will be as special and filled with traditions as any.

Happy New Year 2022!

First up, prep for the celebration. Make sure everyone - especially you mama - gets in a good final 2021 nap. Not a napper? Take some downtime while your little honey rests (a bath, a good read, whatever rejuvenates you). Everyone gets their absolute favourite snacking items, from baby’s most loved fruit/veggie mush to dad’s Chicago Mix. Full bellies make for calm moods. Later walk it off, whether the final baby stroll is just the two of you, a family walk, or a coffee run with your mom-pal and offspring. As babies grow so too do to the destinations of your walks, so savour this walk by taking your favourite route.

Mom with Baby

Wrap up the year, and the baby. We suggest dressing up for the occasion - yourself and the baby, and incorporating a baby wrap. It’ll mean you have her close on you as you see the year out. If youre a glitz and glam girl - go for it, cozy and comfy cuddle-up? We’ve got you covered. Whatever your sartorial choice, be certain to snap a pic of baby’s first New Year’s and turn it into a fun tradition: same time, same place, every year.

2022 Action Plan - It's a New Year Baby!

2021 saw the first of many firsts for you. With multiple camera smartphones, you’ve amassed pictures galore so get ahead of it with a highlight reel. In baby’s first year consider putting away a few select items: a favourite sleeper, swaddle, or sucker.  Print the pictures, include some news items, and make it a time capsule. With many firsts to come, and many, many, more celebrations you’ll grow a library of organized yearly family memorabilia and photo reels.

In the final moments of this year, take a deep breath. Make yourself a promise, make your baby a special promise, one final one for your partner, and 2022, get ready ‘cause we’re coming for you!

Happy New Year 2022 from Bonjour Baby Baskets

Happy and Healthy New Year for all! 

Will love, Susana 

  • Susana Goldin-Douaire

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