• Maternity leave in the time of Covid-19
Maternity leave in the time of Covid-19

Some words of encouragement to new moms in these unusual times:

In the Chinese tradition, once a woman has given birth she enters “sitting the month”, zuo yue zi, where she stays indoors — visitor  free — to focus on healing and caring for her newborn. The basic gist of this protocol is to protect mom and baby from pathogens and stress, while boosting their recovery and immunity. And so here we are today, all of us, sitting-in with no visitors. We are an odd mix of anxiety, stress, loneliness, boredom, hilarity, community, kindness, and togetherness. If the times have you confusedly asking how you are currently meant to feel as a new mom, allow me to say you’d likely be feeling a mix of all these emotions anyhow.

Maternity Leave in the time of COVID-19 Blog Post by Bonjour Baby Baskets

The first few months of motherhood are challenging but rewarding. You are healing, sleep deprived, still missing your old life but not yet sure what your new one looks like. Between the diapering and feeding, time takes on another dimension . You stress over firsts - fevers, coughs, and cries, unsure what is worrisome and what is perfectly normal.  It is an extreme learning curve as you grow into a stronger, deeper, new you.

Maternity Leave in the time of Covid-19

Today, we are all living a sort of parallel existence to you, new mom. We are all washing our hands repeatedly, disinfecting everything, and indulging in the shortest of walks. We robustly socialize through texts and calls at odd hours. So here’s a thought: carry on with mat leave as you might have under regular circumstances but with a few tweaks. The world around us will look different when this is all done, yet post birth it is already positively altered for you. There is community and support all around you, and soon enough there will be hugs and in-person celebrations of a beautiful new life to love and cherish.

Maternity Leave in the time of COVID-19 Blog Post by Bonjour Baby Baskets

A word on gifting:

The current climate may raise some concern for those wishing to send gifts and baskets. Rest assured we are taking every precaution to ensure product and packaging safety, including enhanced cleaning at a single packaging station along with a single local courier. To date all outgoing products, including Spring/Summer 2020 were received prior to the COVID19 outbreak. Happily, we offer gift cards so you can still treat the new mom in your life but allow her the pleasure of personal choice at a date preferable to her. We continue to monitor the situation for health and safety updates.

Maternity leave in the time of COVID-19 blog post by Bonjour Baby Baskets

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Something extra:

For parents with an older kiddos, we’d like to suggest an extra tool to add to your arsenal.  Amongst the Mo Willems sketches, the Cosmic Kids Yoga stretches, and the plethora of academic links, you may find yourself still fielding COVID 19 questions and muddling through answers with your young ones. We’d like to share a calming, appropriately serious but not frightening free e-book (yup! just click below) to help you explain and connect with your children. Written a lovely clothing designer who pens a bedtime story per collection, it has received very positive feedback.  The book Me & Henry Put the Spotlight On Coronavirus comforting, a little quirky, but most importantly speaks to children at their level. The illustrations are charming and the writing open and encouraging.  Check it out, you'll love it! 

Stay healthy and keep up the courage, we will get through this!

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