• Miss Manners : First Time Spring Mom
Miss Manners : First Time Spring Mom

As we wait, and wait, and wait just a tiny bit more for warmer weather, we thought we’d send out a little springtime sanity for first time moms welcoming their newborns along with this wave of holidays.

Your little one is but a few weeks old and you feel like you know nothing. Yet you also feel like you know everything. With Google at your fingertips and all those mommy groups there’s always someone to ask every kind of baby related question. And everyone has an opinion.  You’ve got this precious bundle and like most of us you are uncertain of so much - most of all yourself. Experienced parents repeat “trust yourself”, “go with your gut”, “you’re the parent - you’ll know”.   And it is true, you will know. It’s just that this truth is a muscle you develop. Trust reliable sources (mom, Pediatrician, close friends). But mostly trust your instincts, learn about your baby, learn about your new role, and we promise it will come together.

There’s no way to sweeten this: between raging hormones, feeding schedule, lack of sleep and a good meal, you are an irritable mess.  It’s OK, we’ve all been there.  The learning curve is huge and you are running on love, coffee, and hope for a nap. We recommend keeping a football field of distance from the following trigger topics: vaccines, co-sleeping, breast is best, sleep training methods, etc. Why? Because the first little bit of baby’s life is fleeting. Instead of browsing online get out the stroller.  It’s warming up (really, so they say). Take in early spring; the light, the fresh air, and the gentle exercise will soothe both you and baby.

Our last bit is, of course, sartorial.  Pregnant, you check out refined baby outfits made of luxurious fabrics. Before you know it, baby has ‘a look’. Then you are gifted something, which is  not in keeping with the aesthetic preferences you have for your baby. What to do? Here’s the thing, with every passing month all sorts of items not of your choosing might infiltrate baby’s dresser. (At five kiddo will dress themselves in curios combinations. At fifteen the goth stage lands. Might as well get used to slackening the style leash just a bit early on.)  Accept the gift graciously.  If it is from a relative be sure to wear it once, perhaps this Easter, then pass it on to another who might love it. Tomorrow you’ll be right back to organic baby wear and insta-worthy baby fashion.

Happy holidays and happy Spring warming mama.  It just gets better from here.

With love,



  • Susana Goldin-Douaire

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