• Mother's Day, what are your Superpowers?
Mother's Day, what are your Superpowers?
Here’s a truism: Becoming a mother helps you understand your own mother better. Generational differences aside, you develop a finer appreciation, a sensitivity if you will, to life, and the inner-connectivity of us all.   

At Bonjour Baby Baskets we are all about beginnings. While as Mom you maintain the title for life, the job itself is always in a state of newness as your baby moves through the various stages of ‘becoming’. From the ‘round the clock vigilance of those first few weeks, to the first lock-eyed smiles, and later still those first expressions of independence, to eventually the push for their self actualization, while you part with babyhood. Seemingly, the work changes, but in truth these are just the daily details of child rearing. What is really required is unwavering love, support, and a little bit of toughness  - that never changes.

And what a special type of toughness it is, calling on both mental and physical acrobatics. Mom must keep pace, bending, and twisting with every growing stage, and yet in doing so for her baby, she grows too. 

Once again this year on Mother’s Day, the world will celebrate the charming and sweet side of this role.  We, however, will toast to your strength and superpowers. We applaud your sleep training,  your patience with baby’s teething, and your ability to make decisions wisely and nurture on no sleep for the third night in a row. The many jobs of ‘mommying’ require you to listen to yourself and trust your gut when it comes to what is best for you and your baby.

We celebrate your growing sense and understanding of your mom intuition, and of your love that is in eternal bloom. Doing so imbues you with super-powers. And let’s be honest, only other mothers get the true strength you possess. We wish you, and your mother - who clearly did a fabulous job - a day filled with joy, celebration, (and chocolate), where you will no doubt get to display your super powers for all to see. Happy day mamas!

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