• New Mom, New Year
New Mom, New Year

With a bundle in the basket no one is expecting new parents to make new year’s resolutions. We thought, in these happy but confusing first months, we’d offer three reminders (not resolutions) to keep you doing YOU in 2019!

LOVE YOUR BODY: ‘I love my stretch marks’ said no woman ever! You have our full permission to roll your eyes at the following: thank your body for the baby it gave you and for the nourishment it provides. Many of us (despite knowing better), hold out hope that our body will look and feel as it did pre-pregnancy right after birth. There you are, figuring out breastfeeding and your shape has changed again but not fast enough. If you could just get back into your favourite jeans then... Well then, you’d simply be back in your old jeans. The first year brings many amazing personal changes. Know that your body will follow suit and it will reflect the new super you. The you that is capable of many consecutive all nighters, of carrying an ever growing baby, and of learning how to parent. Let those jeans hang in the closet a while longer. Love your body enough to give it time to transform without the fixation.  

MAKE ‘ME’ TIME: Do you love reading? How about running? Maybe tinkering? Whatever it is build in some baby free time from the onset. Sometimes all it takes is just ten quiet minutes to yourself. Get your partner, or sibling, or mother-in-law in on it. Maybe weekly, maybe daily, whatever works for you, so long as you make it happen. You will reap the benefits forevermore. Trust us on this one.

STOP ASKING, STOP COMPARING: First baby and there’s a million questions and a million answers get slung at you before the asking is done. Yet all people can really tell you is about their babies, not your baby. This coming year decide to trust yourself. Ask only a few valued sources (no, not google) but rather your parents, paediatrician, and best friend. In the stillness, that’s where you’ll learn to read your gut, to know when to ask for guided help, and when to find your own way with your baby. We know it will be an eventful, joyous, sometimes stressful, enlightening trip into parenthood and so we wish you happy travels for 2019.

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