• Register this! Your Guide for the best Baby Gift Registry
Register this! Your Guide for the best Baby Gift Registry

My cousin’s daughter recently got engaged. There was no gift registry as the couple didn’t want their party invitation to come off as - in their words- “a gift grab”.  Despite protestation from us older folks they would not budge. They ended up with seventeen serving utensils (bejewelled, wooden, long and slender, short and stubby, you name it they got it!) and promptly registered for their wedding.  

Now, why do I bother mentioning this on a baby blog? I have found, that the apprehension from expecting parents has more to do with where to register. While there are many choices, they are limiting in the type of mixed bag of stuff most parents desire. And sometimes, choosing what and where, is so exhausting that couples walk away from the registry experience entirely. This is such a shame as most friends and family like the directness of a list instructing them how to best  help welcome a little one into their very first home.  

Register this! Your Guide for the Best Gift Registry

Enter Babylist, an amazing (we really can’t praise it enough) and revolutionary type of registry. Say you desire a bassinet from one place, meal delivery service for the first month from another, an Oeuf - Welcome Home Baby Set from us, and a diaper station from another, well, in the old world this is a conundrum. You would have to forgo the registry and have someone direct the inquiring well-wishers. In this brave new world, Babylist, is your free one-stop master list of which, we are now a part. 

Oeuf Welcome Home Baby Set at Bonjour Baby Baskets

Luxury Baby Gifts at Bonjour Baby Baskets. Perfect baby Shower gift idea

So go ahead and add your favourite of our seasonal baskets to equip you with stylish essentials: a first cute outfit, a luxurious blanket, an heirloom toy and a first sleepy time book. Now that summer is here our current favourite of the week is The Sweet Watermelon Box.  Ask us next week, though, and it will surely be another. Then, add single wish-list items for later stages, Llama teether by Lou Lou Lollipop anyone? little leather footsies by Shoes Le Petit? or the softest of baby towels with booties by Petit Bateau. 

 Sweet Watermelon Baby Gift Box at Bonjour Baby Baskets

Musical Mobile for Baby's Nursery at Bonjour Baby Baskets

The point is this, Babylist will enable you to choose the gift basket you’d LOVE to receive from the office, the Cam Cam Musical Hot Air Balloon you are lusting after from uncle Ned, all the sweet outfits your girlfriends can’t wait to get you, and oh yeah - the week of dog walking, babysitter visits, and a gardener to prep your yard so you can chill on a hammock with little twinkle toes.  Now that is a registry to please and appease everyone - us ‘know-it-alls’ included. We've added an easy peasy link to each of our products that will take you to directly to BabyList when choosing items for your registry, so we wish you a happy selecting and prepping for your Baby Shower!! 



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