• The Bebe and The Lake - Guide for cottaging with your baby
The Bebe and The Lake - Guide for cottaging with your baby

Summer in the city and once that humidity hits the pavement 'We The North' can’t wait to hit the cottage. The lake, the air, the chilled out vibe and ... the baby! Worry not, first time moms, preparation will guarantee country bliss. In other words, we’ve got you covered:

Packing: Do pack two/three sets of extra outfits of easily changeable layers. While days present the perfect opportunity to air out baby’s bum on the grass, evenings can be cooler so layering baby is key.  Do bring extra diapers (and by that we mean more than you might use for a similar duration in the city) because avoiding a drive for supplies when you could be lakeside is always preferable.

Baby in Diapers sleeping

Sleeping: Are you a cuddly co-sleeper? Do you prefer the safety of a separate cot? Happily, there are options any which way you snooze. Your decision weighs on your habits and future travel plans.  Compact, light, and safe, collapsible in-bed sleepers are a superb option for the up to 13lbs-ers of globe trotting parents.  Slightly larger, travel cots and cribs provide exquisite safety and roominess for baby, and with today’s clever packable designs are an excellent storage option for the grandparents’ cottage.

Travel Cot by BabyBjorn

Eating: Breastfeeding moms, equip yourselves with extra burp cloths and bibs. Formula mamas, more bottles are a must and depending on how long your stay will be; a mini counter drying rack, and/or a sterilizer can make cottaging that much easier. (Equally, though, a boiling pot of water has worked just fine for millennia). Is your little one at a purée stage?  Here is your golden opportunity to expand baby’s palate with picked that day farm fresh produce. Check the local markets and roadside stops for sun ripened berries, peaches, corn, zucchinis, and my oh my the list of summer yummies goes on...

Swimming: The lake is calling you and the idea of floating baby on the water seems magical, but safety comes first. If baby is under 8 weeks keep hirm/her out of the lake. Once you are ready to venture-in, check the water temperature as a cool lake to you will be freezing to him/her. Feel for currents or an undertow from lake traffic, these factors could undermine him/her safety in your arms.  Keep them in briefly and ensure they do not swallow the water due to immunity concerns. Newborns should remain lakeside relaxing and cooing with you. 

Final words: Eat. Sleep. Swim. Repeat. Baby and mama’s best life.

  • Susana Goldin-Douaire

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