• The perfect gifts for New Moms
The perfect gifts for New Moms


New Mom best baby gifts by Bonjour Baby Baskets

 She is glowing, expectant, and happy with anticipation.  While this type of expectant mother is lovely to behold, she is also one type in a multitude of pregnancy experiences.  What if the endless ‘must-have’ lists leave her not feeling that cozy vibe just yet. What if she already has a roomful of awaiting outfits for baby’s entire first year. If you suspect she is any one of these other types, may we suggest going off-script in your order. When the cute kitten/floret/ sailor striped onesies just don’t feel right for her, it is time to put together the mother of all mom baskets without sacrificing quality or refinement. We encourage you to look beyond the cute baby booties that might make you swoon and go instead for items that she truly will appreciate having handy when the time comes.  Here are some of our favorites: 

1. Many couples hunt for a practical stylish diaper bag that does not advertise its contents. (Bonus points if dad is as happy to lug it around). The Marindale diaper bag exudes such an of-the-moment aesthetic that we predict parents will fight over who gets to use it long after the diaper years are done.  It is understated, a little bit rugged, and a lot cool, not to mention practical with sturdy straps and a laptop compartment. Like we said, they’ll be fighting over it.

Best Luxury Baby Diaper bag by Little Unicorn at Bonjour Baby Baskets

Cool and Trendy Diaper Bag at Bonjour Baby Baskets

2. In setting up a nursery, preparing for delivery, and those first few weeks of post-baby life, few expectant parents have the time to research clean luxurious baby skin products. Start her off right with the purest of formulations. We’ve curated a selection of bath essentials that will not compromise the baby’s natural skin oils, which include soft protective creams to moisturize when cooler winds start up and heating comes on, and the ever-necessary diaper rash balms. With these choice products, when those first skin irritations appear, instead of rushing to the pharmacy and puzzling at a shelf of options only to panic-text every mom she knows, you’ll be arming her for her first mom-rescue job.  We proudly provide only products that have healing properties geared for sensitive skin.  Many double-up for supreme cuticle and hand care. Trust us she’ll be singing your praises for keeping her hands as delicate as her newborn’s bum.   

Matter Organic Baby Skin-Care at Bonjour Baby Baskets

3. All the little things…A woman can never have enough shoes and a new mom can never have enough bibs and face cloths.  Between spit up and droll we’ve got the babe covered. Our cotton bandana options are like a bib only way cooler with fun to feminine options for all tastes.  If you know pacifiers are a future in this bambino’s life, then pacifier-holders are an essential one realizes only after the fact.   Moms cannot locate pacifiers fast enough when needed. These invaluable holders are as decorative as they are handy in securing those suckers.


4.Think out of the box and into the basket. While parents provide a newborn with the essentials of life, why not provide the new family with unique little pieces to enhance this precious but fleeting time.  We adore the music box designs of Siebensachen by Adam and Harborth for the minimalist forms that still recall an old world charm.  Guaranteed to sooth a baby and parent to sleep, they will remain a special play-piece for kindergartener and parent alike.  Similarly, the simplicity of Pinch Toys’ Elephant Puzzle invites tactile pleasure for little hands. It also makes for harmonious nursery décor that hints at various artistic references. 

Pinch Toys Elephant Puzzle at Bonjour Baby Baskets

 Minimalist Music Box by Adam + Harborth

We invite you to browse through our accessories section for exceptionally made toys, special teethers , baby lovies, and sweet first reads. 

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