• Top 10 Baby Gifts
Top 10 Baby Gifts

When thinking about the best baby gifts a new parent could receive I think about what I would have liked to receive when I had my first baby. The options were not as plentiful back then, the sources of information were limited and the decisions were much simpler.

In today’s day, we have so many options – from big-tag superstores to baby boutiques and online worldwide baby stores. You can shop from anywhere in the world without moving from your home and without spending a fortune in airplane tickets.

With so many options, how can you make the best decision on what are the best baby gifts?
Let’s divide the task in sections:
a) Think about the receiver first. What style do the parents or parents-to-be have? Modern? Modern-Classic? Classic? Trendy? Finding a little bit more about the new parent’s style will help you making the right decision on baby gifts.
b) Work with a budget in mind. This will help you narrow your selection
c) Are you looking for unique items that will “wow” the parents-to-be? Or something more practical? Gifts that are practical and have the “wow” factor are the best in my list.
d) Research, research and research. My personal favorite pastime. Look for new collections online and make your “Top-10” list.

Luxury Baby Shower photo by Bonjour Baby Baskets

To make it easier for you, we have made our Top-10 baby gifts list:

1) Baby muslin blankets. They are perfect for swaddling, as breastfeeding covers and stroller covers during all seasons. We adore blankets with beautiful prints so they can also be used for those special photo moments.

Little Unicorn Baby Muslin Blanket

2) Onesies, babygrows and rompers. Babies will be wearing these often during their first 3-months of life. Make it fun and colourful. Look for unique prints. We love organic-cotton fabrics and vegetable dyes to protect the babies’ sensitive skin.
3) A very special outfit. Something cute that will be the center of attention and it will make everybody say “Awe, so cute…where did you get that?”

Luxury Baby Gift Basket by Bonjour Baby Baskets

4) A safe toy. Babies put everything in their mouths, I mean EVERYTHING. It is important that the toys that you buy are made with natural products that don’t contain anything harmful to your baby’s health. Research the company making the toys and ask for certifications when necessary.
5) Little socks that will stay in their tiny feet even when they are moving them around. Look for soft elastics and good quality cotton. We love the cashmere selection by Etiquette Clothiers
6) Shoes. There is nothing cuter than a baby in a trendy outfit with a great pair of baby shoes. Pre-walker shoes need to be soft inside and also made with good quality leather, or fabric. 
7) A great teether. Teething is inevitable and it really hurts, so the baby will need to chew because that relieves the pain in their gums. Natural products are the best for this, like wood or rubber. When buying wood look for ones using only natural or organic oils to seal the wood and natural rubber from hevea trees. 

Wooden Teether by Heimess, made in Germany

8) Since we are talking about teething…. bibs for those drooling babies! We love the ones with double ply cotton as they protect more. Bib bandanas look super cool with a trendy outfit and leather mocs, my personal fave baby outfit.
9) Organic skin-care baby products. These will be in direct contact with the baby’s sensitive skin. We always read the ingredients that make-up the skin-care products that we use on our own grandbaby. We love companies that list the ingredients in detail and make them in small batches.
10) And last but not least; a gift for the nursery! It could be a pillow/toy for the crib, beautiful crib sheets, a mobile or a music box. Something memorable that will remind the parents and parents-to-be that you were super thoughtful to give this to them.

Luxurious Nursery Quilted blanket by Little Unicorn

This is just a small representation of what we think the Top-10 baby gifts are.
Always look for quality vs. quantity. The parents and parents-to-be will be thankful for that.

With love
Susana Goldin-Douaire

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