• Surviving Air Travel With Toddlers - Do's and don'ts
Surviving Air Travel With Toddlers - Do's and don'ts
Today our Guest Blog post is by the lovely ladies at the Social Common. Not only they run an amazing #moms4moms venture but they are always looking on how to empower other moms while taking care of their 7 kids and having fun at the same time - how they do it? - not sure, but they are truly great!!.    I am proud to present you with their down to earth advice on how to travel with toddlers from their partnership with Itravel2000 (I wish I knew some of their tips when my kiddos were young) 

Catherine and Natalie are the force behind Social Common, a social event club for moms. Between the two of them they have seven kids under the age of six and figure out a way to run a company while juggling drop offs and pick ups and all that comes along with being stay at home moms. They appear regularly as spokespeople on a variety of talk and news programs chatting all things "mom". They also have a YouTube channel where they vlog candidly about "mom truths", cooking, behind the scenes, and you can even follow their weigh in Wednesday's where they share their fitness journey! Make sure to check them out at: https://m.youtube.com/user/SocialCommon

For many, flying with your children may seem daunting, scary, and even traumatic: You’ve no doubt heard horror stories and we have a few of our own! We’ve endured many airplane rides over the past seven years with our brood of children and have learned what works and what to absolutely avoid. Experience is a great teacher and we’re sharing tips for surviving air travel with the kids. With advanced planning and preparation you can face your fears and soar the skies with the little ones.


DO pack a “travel loot bag” filled with some of their favorite toys and a few new ones. We love to wrap up little dollar store gifts for them to open every half hour or hour to break up the time because, of course, they don’t understand time.

DO let them each fill a backpack with things THEY choose for entertainment, comfort, and snacks. Instead of bringing one big container of crayons for all the kids, give each child their own small pack so there’s no fighting over colors.

DO try to keep things contained: for instance, putting a small notebook, a sheet of stickers and some crayons or markers in a plastic case keeps things organized (and saves sanity when you’re tired of picking up things that have fallen off the tray table).

DO bring lightweight books to read to the kids to get them sleepy.

DO bring one extra change of clothes for each child. You just never know and Murphy’s Law.

DO bring plastic bags for soiled clothes, and throwing away food and trash during flight.

DON’T forget that technology was invented for times like these! Seriously, tablets with games and movies (and earphones!) are your best friends.


DO get organized before departure. Use the time before the “fasten seatbelt” sign goes on to take everything out of your bag that you will need close by during takeoff.

DO give them gum for their ears during takeoff and landing. It helps to signal when the flight begins and ends and turns it into an activity.

DO avoid foods that are sticky, messy or crumbly. No need to explain any further.

DO have an emergency contingency plan, aka “the candy plan”. Sugar can lead to even more chaos so choose wisely here. Again staying away from anything messy or sticky, necklace or bracelet candy takes a while to get through and keeps them entertained.

DO find the most sympathetic flight attendant and don’t be afraid to ask for help. That’s what they’re there for.

One final tip: if all else fails, remember that this flight shall pass and you will eventually exit the plane. You’ll be stronger and wiser and feel invincible after jumping the major hurdle of flying with your kids.

Now we’d love to know: What is your “do” or “don’t” when travelling with children? We’re always up for new ideas!





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  • Sep 02, 2015

    Love this article! Will use these tips for our future flights.
    I also pack some non toys items such as tooth brush, tube of cream etc something what is safe to play with but not played with at home.

    — Katerina

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