Reflections on Motherhood from a Grandmother
Now that I am a grandmother -twice over- I relate to motherhood differently. When your baby is born you think: I will never love another creature so intensely.  If you are blessed with more children, you learn that the heart grows and expands for there is always room for more love. Then your children give you grandchildren and your heart stretches even more, and never in your wildest dreams did you imagine how much love, in all its iterations, was possible.

Baby Play 2018 - Best Baby Toys
We are excited to profile our curated spring/summer baby wardrobe in a coming post,but thought first to call attention to the baby toys and teethers we can’t wait to get our hands on. Keep in mind, these can be used as basket stuffers for one of our BYOB (Build Your Own Basket) or even as stand alone gifts for the budget conscious.  Yes, these accessories are that special.  

Yum Yum in their Tum Tum - Best Baby Foods

Ever wonder at infantilized noises and gestures like yum yum, num num, and vroom vroom meant to entice baby to eat? Ever wonder why all the drama, can’t mom just get that spoonful of mush into baby’s mouth? Yet here we are, winter’s newborns are about to become spring’s new eager eaters, and very soon you might find yourself spinning carrot cartwheels to transition your little one to solids. There is a lot of great material out there so let’s get you started with a few tips and shout-outs we think you’ll enjoy reading as much as we do.

Baby Wearing: Keep Warm and Carry On
Baby wearing is nothing new.  Women the world over have been doing it for centuries, this accounts for the variety of designs. It is gaining in popularity and for a great many reasons. Baby wearing is the easiest way to promote skin to skin time, which is so essential for fostering closeness. The snug comfort of a sling  puts baby in rhythm with the parent’s physicality. 

Best Baby Sprinkle Gifts
Every baby’s arrival is deserving of a celebration. When your friend is expecting but it isn’t her first you may find yourself invited to a ‘sprinkle party’. Worry not, you are not meant to fete her again with a show-stopper of a luxury basket - this is not a baby shower.
Best Baby Sprinkle Gift Ideas
Should I Stay or Should I Go? Miss Manners: Welcoming the new Baby

You’ve ordered the perfect luxury baby basket and filled it with the sweetest little numbers. You are totally psyched for the new mom and can’t wait to meet her new human. Should you deliver it yourself at the hospital? Show up at her home? Wait to hear from her? As the first batch of 2018 babies arrive, we thought a quick rundown of proper etiquette might be of use...since you have the gift all figured out. 

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Miss Manners: Welcoming the new Baby blog post

We Got Baskets!!

The Holidays are over and we thought we might take a minute to focus on the vessel not the gift.  Yes, we know, it’s what’s inside that counts, but for us from the very beginning presentation mattered just as much as the unique products we source. Since our baby gifts are top-of-the-line luxurious, they had to be housed in a container that would benefit its contents.  Our search hinged on three characteristics: soft, elegant, and natural.

The Best Baby Gifts of 2017
We are busily working ahead to bring beauty and creativity to the earliest stages of life, from the trendies pieces for baby, to toys and accessories that inspire play.  Though winter is right outside our window, indoors preparation for the coming promise of summer with fun nautical and beach themes is underway.

Luxury Baby Gifts at Bonjour Baby Baskets