Baby's First Halloween

Boo baby, I see you!

Watch out ghouls, ghosts and witches. We are armed with something better than garlic, potions, smudging, or seance. Sweeter than candy, we’ve got seasonally appropriate baby outfits and luxury gift baskets to hit the spooky spot.

Trendy Baby Gift Basket featuring 1+ in the Family

Taking Flight, Helicopter Grand-Parenting
Helicopter grand-parenting, it’s a real thing.  I’ve caught myself doing it: hovering, suggesting, well, let's be, honest-nagging. It comes, obviously from a place of love and concern but it also comes from habit.  As parents we spend a lifetime worrying for the well being of our children. It does not stop even when they have their own children.  A grandparent’s role is two-fold and calls on us to gather our knowledge, whilst setting boundaries for ourselves. 

Helicopter Grand-Parenting Blog Post
C’est l’fonne - Summer in Montreal

My daughters laughter carrying over from seats 7A and 7B was the perfect beginning to our three day Montreal gateway. Seeing them spend quality time warmed my heart, especially given their busy lives adulting as parents and career gals.  The smile on this mama’s face started on that take-off flight and didn’t let-up until the return landing. This was bound to be one epic ‘business’ trip.

Bonjour Baby Baskets in Montreal

Register this! Your Guide for the best Baby Gift Registry
Enter Babylist, an amazing (we really can’t praise it enough) and revolutionary type of registry. Say you desire a bassinet from one place, meal delivery service for the first month from another, an Oeuf - Welcome Home Baby Set from us, and a diaper station from another, well, in the old world this is a conundrum. You would have to forgo the registry and have someone direct the inquiring well-wishers. In this brave new world, Babylist, is your free one-stop master list of which, we are now a part. 

Register this! Your guide for the best Baby Gift Registry
Summer Solstice and your Baby

Summer Solstice - the longest day of the year - arrived June 21 and marked the true beginning of summer and a farewell to spring. It also has some new moms concerned about changing sleep patterns and sun exposure but as The Beatles famously sang: 
“Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, and I say it’s alright, little darling...”.

Baby with Summer Hat at Bonjour Baby Baskets

Daddy and baby on Father's Day

This Father’s Day we toast all the dads out there - the new ones for all the growing that awaits them alongside their babies, and the established dads for all the giving, teaching, protecting and sustained love they provide.  We are so used to speaking openly about the challenges and triumphs of motherhood and so rarely speak of the same from the perspective of fatherhood. 

This weekend we hope the conversation widens and relaxes to embrace all the amazing wins of parenting. Here’s to you dads and to your unique, enduring presence in all our lives.

Designer Feature: Laranjinha from Portugal with Love
Laranjinha is known for their traditional design and overall elegance with a rotation of pastels for subtle seasonal changes. This spring - in a sidestep - the designers incorporated Liberty of London’s riotous bursts of flower printed cotton. But of course, in keeping with their classic aesthetic the flower power prints are used for details such as a shoulder frill here, a little side tie there. 

Beautiful Baby Girl Gift Basket featuring Laranjinha from Portugal at Bonjour Baby Baskets
What is Earth Week for Bonjour Baby Baskets

Here at Bonjour Baby Baskets we celebrate the beauty of motherhood and the joy of babies. We also feel an added sense of urgency in celebrating the source of us all - Mother Nature. We want the items you purchase to withstand play and many washes and still not be disposable. We want to nurture a generation that gets quality over quantity thus producing less waste. We want natural over plastic. From this Earth Day and everyday thereafter, we need to practice these tenants so that we leave a better legacy for today’s little ones.

Earth Week at Bonjour Baby Baskets

Birthday Baby, Birthday!

Happy Birthday to...us.

This March 17th our online baby basket boutique turns 5, and what an amazing journey it has been. As a thank you, check out below our special promotions and birthday giveaway. With that we bid you - HIGH FIVE!