Wondering what to get for a first time expectant parent? Bonjour Baby Baskets has you covered with the best selection of luxury baskets for new parents. A luxury baby gift basket is the ultimate all in one gift. Check out our 2022 Spring offerings of floral, aquatic, earthy or urban luxury baby baskets. You’ll be sure to delight both the new parents and their Spring hatchling.  

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3 Reasons To Gift Organic Baby Products

Wondering what’s so special about organic baby products ? Learn about three benefits below.

As bébé makes his arrival, among the advice on sleep schedules and tummy time, you are sure to read about organic baby clothing but is this legitimately something to consider? We think so, read on for why organic is the better choice.

3 Reasons to Gift Organic Baby Products

Baby Gifts, What Colours Are Considered To Be Gender Neutral?
For some parents the gender of their coming baby is not something they wish to know or share in advance. Many items will still need to be bought before the baby's arrival and it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect neutral baby gifts that work for both a baby boy and a baby girl. For whether it is a boy or a girl or a wait and see, comfort and luxury remain our priority and promise to you. Take the guesswork out and head straight to our Neutrals section. 

What Are Gender Neutral Baby Colours?
It's a New Year Baby!

Possibly like us, your New Year’s celebration plans have changed somewhat in the past two weeks. Current health measures, vaccination status, travel restrictions and such are in flux as we all adjust with the times. Worry not! This new year’s will be as special and filled with traditions as any.

It's a New Year Baby! 2022 Blog by Bonjour Baby Baskets

Best Holiday Baby Gifts 2021

Holidays are inching closer with worldwide supplies and shipping in a bit of a stand still.  Worry not, we’ve got you covered to meet all of baby’s wishes - or better yet all of mama’s wishes for baby gifting this season.

Best Baby Gifts for the Holidays 2021